Discover the HON Preside Tables

The HON Preside Table is a broad, versatile solution for collaborative meetings and presentations. Designed to embrace technology with a variety of options for displaying audiovisual equipment, supporting data and power, and routing cables.

We asked office design in NYC experts, Manhattan Office Design, an accomplished office furniture dealer in NYC and one of the fastest-growing companies in America, to help us.  They gave us this wonderful list of features from one of the best pieces of office furniture in NYC: the HON Preside.

Discover HON Preside

HON Preside Tables feature several adaptable table configurations, shapes, and edges to fit any size or type of office in NYC, with scratch- and spill-resistant surfaces and a reliable, solid inner construction that make the HON Preside Tables products that were built to last. 

You can choose from an assortment of sizes, bases, edges, and materials to match your office design in NYC, your company’s style or the style of your office. When more technology is needed, the HON Preside Tables feature optional power and data ports in the worksurface help you stay connected.

Available in all shapes and sizes

If you have meetings where you\’re frequently in conference calls, you\’re running a presentation, or everyone needs to be on their laptops, the HON Preside tables are right for you. These sleek, professional tables will seat up to six people comfortably and are designed to accommodate different technological needs.