The Power of HON Office Chairs (II/II)

As we said in our previous article, HON Furniture has taken the place of a great office chair with the best ratio Value/Quality. Versatility and design are other attributes that can be appreciated in models like MAV and Astir, let’s find out a little bit about them and keep in mind that Manhattan Office Design is the place for your best offer in HON Furniture in NYC. 

MAV: Ergonomics and elegance. Astir: Comfort and Privacy

HON Furniture offers a variety of ergonomic office chairs. Let’s take a look to Mav and Astir models.

HON Furniture MAV

The Mav chair is a simple, streamlined office chair, featuring a breathable mesh back and a five-star base for durability. It has a synchro-tilt mechanism to recline the back support, as well as adjustable arms and lumbar support. The Astir chair is a more luxurious office chair, with an upholstered seat and back, a five-star base, and a swivel-tilt mechanism that allows for different angles of reclining. It also has adjustable arms, lumbar support, and a headrest. Both the Mav and Astir models have a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. The main difference between the two is their styles – the Mav is modern and minimalistic, while the Astir is more traditional and luxurious.

HON Furniture Astir

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