Make your Office a Collaborative Hub with HON Furniture

When someone talks us about an office story, we tend to imagine a standard view, just like classic TV sitcoms as The Office: a quite gray open space with standard furniture; or on the other hand, with some blue-chip company – hype and ultra-modern space, with colorful furniture and some flamboyant features, like indoor – ping pong boards.

Nevertheless, we know that a regular, productive, office doesn’t have to be only on one side, and it sure has features of both cases. If you are looking for some office furniture in NYC this 2021, all your choices must face the winds of change of the post-Covid era.

What does a 2021 Office project?

Just like the Pre Covid concept of the office in 2020, the new trends prioritize performance, collaboration, and wellbeing; but new values emerge, and our office is now a place of encounter, where all people gather, whether on a regular basis or occasionally, to collaborate, create, and make statements, respecting privacy and the wellbeing of each team member. Furniture can play a significant role in contributing to these goals, and HON Preside, by HON Furniture, is a great tool to help you on the way, as we will see.

Enhancing productivity with Style, with HON Preside, by HON Furniture

Preside is the theme collection by  HON Furniture, dedicated to creating great performance meeting places with its different office tables. Designed by  HON Furniture, the worldwide famous office manufacturer, Preside has the best range of tables for different uses, from the more formal and structured set of the conference room to the more relaxed and comfortable touchdown space. Preside always keep a high standard of quality, beauty, and creativity for a great office.

Performance with elegance

With solid beauty and timeless design, the Conference Room solutions by  HON Furniture integrate power, to enrich user power and ensure effective communication. Preside create spaces where people can discuss and present with clarity.

Social Spaces

In social relaxing spaces, some chats and relationships flow faster and more effectively. To foster more social connection and integration, Preside offers a wide arrange of tables to create multiple layouts with many shapes. Their highly durable, cleanable surfaces allow people to make frank, bold conversations around several cups of coffee and some snack supplies.

Thinking Outside the Box

Looking for that special idea? That special solution that requires a different approach? Maybe getting out of the conventional space helps to shape things out. Standing-Height options in tables will bring that change of perception to refocus. A pop of color sparks inspiration while a butcher block or laminate surfaces let you tinker and experiment.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer in office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like HON Furniture, at really affordable prices.