HON: The Best Value in Office Chairs in NY

If you are based in the Big Apple and you are looking for office furniture in NY, you will find tons of options, few will be so rewarding like HON Furniture. And Manhattan Office Design is ready to help you with the best suggestions for you and your office, by this quality partner.

Why HON Furniture?

HON has the best value office chair in the market in 2021. That’s the way it was named in several top quality ranks around the world in this year. The last recent made by Top 5 Picks, an American web site specialized in gadgets and products. 

According to the criteria of Top 5 Picks, HON Exposure, the last release by HON Furniture, is best value chair in the market right now. Its great design and excellent ergonomic features make it comfortable, durable and healthy. Its combination of high quality materials, low cost and optimal design make it a winner in this 2021 against the rest in a very competitive market.

 HON Exposure, the chair by HON Furniture has a very simple and functional installation that allows you to enjoy it in few minutes after you get it out of the box. Besides, it has a beautiful, sober design in elegant black.

Introducing the Upholstered model.

HON just introduced the upholstered back model in all its office chairs, so now you can count with the classic mesh back, or the upholstered model with a more solid, present view.

With the same versatility of materials and customizable design elements of the original HON chair, the new upholstered Ignition by HON Furniture has the same design profile, so you can use with the rest of your previous collection, either in meeting rooms, workstations or common areas. You can get a pretty good looking view with mesh-ones and solid-ones in the same table.

The new upholstered Ignition brings a pleasant, comfortable experience with a soft surface back rest with the same spinal support of the standard Ignition.

Engineered designed and assembled in the USA, the upholstered HON Ignition is the perfect complement for your office.

 If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust in Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer not only in office chairs in NY, but all kind of office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like HON Furniture, at really affordable prices.